In 2014, the British Council Senegal set up the Great Entrepreneur initiative.

The project seeks to reward innovative ideas and concepts that create opportunities for young people across the country. Great Entrepreneur puts competing entrepreneurs together, aged 18 to 40, who have set up sustainable businesses that have high social impact in Senegal. The overall goal is to promote the emergence of a stable socio-economic environment.

How does Great Entrepreneur work?

The first stage is a competition open to participants from across Senegal. This is broadcast on the national television network RTS.

The second stage includes capacity building sessions facilitated by experienced trainers who help the young entrepreneurs improve their skills. The idea is to develop their business across various aspects, including leadership and managerial skills, creativity and innovation, ethics, communication and Business English.

The third and final stage is where winners receive financial support to help them grow their business and benefit from mentoring sessions with veteran entrepreneurs in Senegal, Africa, the Diaspora and the United Kingdom.

What are the main objectives of this project?

  • Provide a platform to inform the general public on innovative projects taking place in Senegal;
  • Support the development of young Senegalese entrepreneurs through different learning channels;
  • Reward the best initiatives that are entrepreneurial and embody relevant social values and concerns;
  • Encourage exchanges and the development of networks that will contribute to business success;
  • Provide information and networking opportunities to energize the business environments in Senegal, the United Kingdom and other countries.

What is the voting process?

Public vote

You can vote for your favourite candidate on Facebook, through our online campaign (open 4-15 March 2017) or by SMS. For the latter, send your candidates code based on the country where you are based. 

Senegal: 26261 UK: 88999 France: 71071 Belgium: 3236 Switzerland: 911

Jury's vote

Each candidate will receive a grade from each jury member based on the following criteria: 

Innovation, Creativity, Feasibility, Risks and social impact impact

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