At the heart of our arts initiatives lies extensive research targeting the vibrant 18-35 year demographic. Our dedication revolves around three core objectives:

1. Facilitating artistic creation 

Our primary focus is facilitating the creation of new art and ensuring its widespread dissemination, captivating audiences online and through live experiences, transcending geographical boundaries.

2. Cultivating cross-cultural exchange and collaboration

We strive to cultivate a dynamic exchange of skills and knowledge between Senegal and the United Kingdom (UK) creative communities, fostering mutual growth and collaboration between these regions.

3. Building meaningful connections and vibrant networks

Central to our mission is forging meaningful connections between young individuals in Senegal and the UK, creating a vibrant network that nurtures shared experiences and artistic endeavours, and fostering a sense of unity that transcends borders.

To achieve these ambitious goals, we collaborate with a diverse range of partners, including artists, arts professionals, arts organisations, collectives, and hubs. These partners possess an intimate understanding of their respective creative communities, making them best positioned to lead and amplify the stories of their art sectors. Together, we ignite innovative approaches to connecting with one another and deepen our understanding through the transformative power of the arts.

To bring these objectives to life, we proudly deliver two major global programs in Senegal, which serve as catalysts for artistic exploration, collaboration, and cross-cultural dialogue.

Creative Economy 

Our program in Creative Economy is dedicated to advancing policy, research, and advocacy while also enhancing the capacity of creative professionals and policymakers. Our efforts aim to quantify and analyze the impact of Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) in Senegal. By fostering better understanding and collaboration among governments, funders, and professionals in the sector, we strive to contribute to the growth of stronger creative economies.

Culture Connects

This programme serves as a vital link, connecting Senegal's cultural professionals and organisations with their UK and international counterparts and audiences. We achieve this by facilitating connections, providing valuable intelligence, and catalysing creative collaboration, showcasing, and touring opportunities.

2023 - 2025 focus areas

Our focus from 2023 to 2025 is to actively support the efforts of governments and local organisations by:

  1. Strengthening the creative industry's ecosystem through our creative economy e-Learning programme - SoCreative e-Learning
  2. Promoting more collaborations between the UK and Senegal to enable young artists to engage in sustainable and impactful projects on a medium to long-term basis
  3. Establishing and expanding showcasing programs to provide access to business development and financial opportunities.