What we do

Our arts programmes are underpinned by research, focused on young people (18 – 35-year olds), and committed to:

  • Supporting the creation of new art and sharing this art to audiences both online and in person
  • Sharing skills and knowledge between creative communities in West Africa and the UK
  • Creating new connections between young people in West Africa and the UK.

Our programmes are delivered by partners (artists, arts professionals, arts organisations, collectives, hubs) who have the vision and understanding of their creative communities and are best placed to lead and tell the stories of their art sectors. With our partners, we stimulate new ways of connecting with and understanding each other through the arts.

We predominantly focus on the pillar to our global strategy: FOSTERING COLLABORATION AND NETWORKS.

To do this, we deliver three major programmes in Sub-Saharian Africa, these are:

  • Creative Economy: We offer individuals and organisations training in business and digital skills, networking events, access to new markets, connections to resources and finance opportunities
  • Connections: Our British Council arts teams in SSA and the UK continually build their insight, expertise and first-hand knowledge of their contemporary art sectors in order to offer art making and mobility grants and to broker UK and SSA artists together.