Meet our 5 finalists


+ Assane Fall, 32 years old, is from the Kaolack region. He is co-founder of Touba Bio Techno-Equipement. This project aims to promote biogas in Senegal, especially in urban areas. "Together we are discovering how important it is to turn rubbish into hard gold."


+ Babacar Diop, 28 years old, is from Thiès. His project MJangale is an after-school digital program for students aged 5 to 18. They provide training courses, such as mobile application development, websites and other IT systems. 


+ Steeve Ndone, 33, is a native of Gabon. His project At Home Center excels in telemarketing at home as part of customer relations management, both offshore and internationally. Their objective is to reduce unemployment and unequal access to employment for people with reduced mobility, students seeking financial autonomy to finance their studies and women working from home.


+ Ndeye Khady Ba, 34 years old, is from Parcelles Assainies, Dakar. She is the manager of the artisanal bakery/pastry shop Milmais. This project involves the processing of local cereals, fruits and vegetables and using it to make bread. She uses cereals such as wheat, sorghum, corn, millet and fonio with high nutritional value, taking into account specific dietary factors of her clientele. She is concerned with their well-being and committed to delivering delicious and healthy products.


+ Mboyo Sow, 22, is from Guédiawaye. She is the co-founder of the Baay Tech. This is a mobile application that can be used with or without internet. It guides farmers on the choice of crops by reminding them, by sms and/or voice message, of the dates of phytosanitary treatments and culture fertilization. "This innovation aims to computerize the data and technical advice sought by farmers in order to make them accessible to all."


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