Guidelines for video submission 

In commemoration of this year’s world skills day, The British Council is launching a 30-seconds video challenge for youths within the ages of 18-35. You will be required to do this in the following format:

  • Please say your first name, age, city and country.
  • Answer the following question in a 30-seconds video:

 What skills do you consider will be most important for the future and why?

  • Share your video on your social media account and tag the British Council Senegal Instagram handle @britishcouncilsenegal and use the hashtags #ConnectedBySkills and #WYSD2020
  • The deadline for the video entry is 1:00pm GMT, 13 July 2020.

Tips for recording videos

  • Record in a well-lit place.
  • Test the sound. Film for a few seconds and listen to the video to make sure the sound is good. Make sure there are no noises around you or other people speaking at the same time.
  • The video will be cut to a square (1:1) format. Whether you film horizontally or vertically, make sure that the person speaking is always in the centre of the frame.

Selection of Winners

Two winners (one female and one male) will be selected based on the quality of their responses.

The winners will be gifted with a 2-month paid access on LinkedIn Learning worth 60USD where they can gain premium access to thousands of courses in the areas of business, creativity and technology. With certificates for every course completed.

The winners will be announced on or after 15 July 2020.

There will be an onboarding session to help winners familiarise themselves with LinkedIn Learning platform.