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Meet our 5 finalists from 2015

+ In 2010, Marieme Mbaye started Green Wash Africa, an eco-friendly car cleaning company. Green Wash offers its services across five locations and provides a direct-to-home service in Dakar. Green Wash’s ambitions are to promote the integration of street cleaners, reduce water consumption, and increase environmental awareness in Africa. Green Wash also seeks to help job creation and redevelopment of the street car washer as viable business opportunities.

+ Youssou Ndiaye Owens is co-founder of OuiCarry. He has a ten-member team who import goods into Senegal and offer online sale of foreign products. His goals are to quite simply help Senegalese buy products from Europe and the United States and to support the customer throughout the entire buying process including transport and logistics. Through this business they have also been able to create jobs.

+ Djeinaba Badiane is the president of Edible Mushrooms and works with the Bignona Disabled Association. As the name suggests this agro-business is about developing and integrating mushroom dishes. It aims to be the leader in the production and sale of mushrooms across Senegal and help improve the nutrition for millions of families. Edible Mushrooms is also about raising awareness in the consumption of natural and local products and creating jobs, particularly for people living with disabilities.

+ Shop Me Away is the brainchild of Racine Sarr who, with his team of six, helps facilitate online sales by providing logistical help in the import/ export of Senegalese goods. His dream is to increase the exports of Senegalese artisans and increase their visibility on a web platform. It has also cut costs of transporting goods outside Senegal and facilitate the purchase and transportation of goods to Senegal.

+ Our candidate Fatou Sall Ndiaye is President of MPPA (Movement for peanut production). She works with forty women in Diourbel. Its business is agribusiness as it deals with the transformation of peanut paste for sale. She would make production of more mechanical peanut paste and better organized. His ambition is to export peanut paste in the rest of Africa and other continents in order to develop this local product abroad. It also aims to create jobs in the region.

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