Tell us about your activity?
The clouds lose their feathers is a family amusement park with fun and innovative playing facilities located in the green lung of Dakar, we are the ideal playground for a family picnic, birthdays, a family outing, we are also specialized in organizing events for young audiences.
How does this training change your perception of the creative industry?
This training allowed me to better understand my customers, while I was convinced to make the best offer on the market, by putting myself in the place of my customers I realized the flaw of my price offer, which is ideal for a small family but unfortunately that was not very accessible to moderately numerous families.
This training allowd me to put myself in the customer's place and interacting with the participants, it also allowed me to understand why some of my clients find that I was expensive. I have also realized that it is not only about living one's passion and dream, but also about a sustainable activity which is important to make a profit.
How do you intend to use the new achievements of this training to develop your business?
I intend to put it into practice, moreover I already started by correcting my prices.
What time did you like most during the training?
The third day was very informative for me, the second day served me a lot and I loved the doubt that this training woke up in me because it allows me to question myself totally and I know that at the end of this reflection a positive light will spring for the greater good of my amusement park.
What advice would you give to entrepreneurs after completing this training.
Be innovative by trying to push further than others
Be a perfectionist, to master every detail of his project, to choose a project that fascinates us.
It is important to start before the motivation falls, not to wait for the money to begin, it is necessary sometimes to leave step by step with its own means and to grow gradually over time.
Know your client, know what he wants, what he can spend, and anticipate his expectations.