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Africa’s New Daughters

Who is your favourite African author? Is it a man or a woman? Does he or she live in West Africa or in Europe or the US? The most popular African authors are usually men...

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African Business Successes

Which companies in Africa are the big successes? There are many big companies which are successful in Africa, like Sasol, MTN Group, Bidcorp and First Rand group. Many companies are in big countries like Nigeria and South Africa...

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African giraffes are in danger of extinction

They are tall with long necks, elegant and graceful. When they want to eat, they pick leaves from high in the trees and when they run, it looks like they are running in slow motion...

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African musicians - Youssou N’Dour

Youssou N’Dour is a famous musician from Senegal. He comes from the city of Dakar. He is a very popular singer and also writes the songs and the music. He is famous in other countries as well as Senegal. He’s an international pop star...

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African Startup entrepreneurs

There are many successful businessmen and businesswomen in Africa. Another word for businessman or businesswoman is ‘entrepreneur’...

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African musicians - Ali Farka Touré

Ali Farka Touré was a Malian singer and musician, perhaps the most famous musician from Mali. His real name, when he was young, before he was famous, was Ali Ibrahim Touré...

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Arnaud and Grace

Arnaud arrived home after a long day working in the fields. He was tired. His wife, Grace, arrived just after him. She had been working in the cocoa farm too. Everyday she arrived tired, but she was different this time...

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Thieves break into downtown banks

Yesterday afternoon thieves broke into three banks in the centre of Abidjan and escaped with $25 million. This was the biggest robbery in the country’s history...

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Chris Seydou – ‘the father of African fashion’

Today, African designs are regularly seen in fashion shows. Companies that sell sustainable clothing often rely on local African small businesses...

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