Karismatik Diksa

Tell us about your activity?
The activity I want to put in place is a label of development and artistic production destined to find and grow the artists of Tomorrow.
Thanks to this training, I understand better the organizational chart of implementing a creative idea.
I have a greater knowledge of the creative industry and how it works.

How does this change your perception of the creative industry?
Since this training, I have completely reorganized the structure of my project to make it more efficient.
To be clearer, this project allowed me to structure; plan the various stages of the creation to the operation of my project.

How do you intend to use the new achievements of this training to develop your business?
Thanks to the tools that have been provided to me and to the advice given to me, I know that for every difficulty (such as funding) there are solutions.
I also learned how to organize my finances, manage my future business and finally better gauge my needs and my achievements.

What time did you like most during the training?
My favourite moments are group workshops, collective energy and the meeting of brilliant minds with innovative projects. The pitch was also a very special moment.

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs after this?
My advice to entrepreneurs would be that they participate in these trainings because they will open their eyes on many aspects of their business that they probably did not think about.