Tell us about yourself and your business?
My name is Aida Camara 35 years old and I have a degree in accounting / finance. Dancer, choreographer, I am the president of the Women association of dance . I am also a communication consultant for SONY Music Ivory Coast and I have a clothing brand called AYRU. I am passionate and the fact of being on several activities is my happiness. As a supporter of gender equality, I love challenges and my motto is to realize your dreams with what you have. To achieve what you aspire you must aim for the moon to hope to reach the stars!

How did this training change your perception of the creative industry?
This is a very promising sector and full of challenges. I realize that it takes a lot of commitment to engage in the entrepreneurship sector. This training allowed me to see that there are many young people who aspire to a better life and are ready to commit themselves. Also it is important to know his project well before launching it in order to be able to defend it in any circumstance,to master all the aspects and to better develop it.
How do you intend to use the new achievements of this training to develop your business?
I like at first to review the business plan that I had already done at an incubator propose by the MCU, the Cityhall of Dakar and Paris. Some aspects were not taken into account and I will use these new assets to improve it. After the most important is to ask the right questions to find solutions in advance to possible blockages. I have a better vision of my business with these new achievements and I intend to use them to finally start.
What time did you like most during the training?
I finally enjoyed all the stages of the training, although it is not very long just 3 days. It was an important training for me because it helped me to see that the momentum is there through the different projects of my colleagues and it gave me the strength to really go there. Not to be afraid!
What advice would you give to entrepreneurs after completing this training.
I advise them not to be afraid. It is true that the field of entrepreneurship is uncertain not often stable but with the determination we get there. You just have to give yourself the means to achieve this by participating in training, drawing inspiration from others who have succeeded and especially by believing very strongly with a good plan of action.