Dans cette section, lisez des articles sur une grande variété de sujets. Les articles sont rédigés pour des apprenants intermédiaires (CECR niveau A1).

Vous améliorerez votre compréhension de la lecture et développerez votre vocabulaire sur une variété de sujets. Chaque article a un ensemble d’exercices pour vous aider à comprendre et à utiliser la langue.

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A reporter’s guide to West Africa

I have always been interested in the life and history of West Africa. So I decided to take a tour around the three central countries of the region – Senegal, Mali and Cote d’Ivoire...

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Muhammad Ali – the greatest boxer in the world

Kinshasa is a big town in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. The time is four o’clock in the morning on 30th October 1974. It is night but it is very hot...

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New musicians

In Dakar young people enjoy making music. Some African artists want to move to Europe or America. They think it is easier to make music there. Perhaps they will make more money. Other artists decide to stay in Africa. Some live abroad for some years and come back...

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Oxford and Cambridge

Oxford and Cambridge are two famous British cities. They are the homes of the UK’s most famous universities. The cities are very old but they were not big cities before the universities started...

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