Friday 04 May 2018 -
20:00 to 22:00

Borders, barriers and warning signs have come to be a part of our everyday life, but are we being kept out, or is something being kept in?
A bold, visceral confrontation, this thought-provoking installation appears ‘live’, providing a powerful and macabre reminder of our own latent potential. Stark and unforgettable, The Electric Fence awaits you.
Within the framework of Dakar Biennale 2018, Annabel McCourt will present her installation piece Electric Fence and Wanja Kimani will devise a performance in response to Annabel McCourt’s installation.

The exposition will be on May 4, 2018 at 4 Rue Joris, Dakar at 8pm.
Come explore and discover the power of Electric Fence masterpiece in which different themes are depicted.
Get to know the Artists.

Annabel McCourt
Born in Grimsby Annabel is a diverse artist whose work ranges from realistic realism to lenses, to the art of installation, the moving image, and architectural interventions inspired by the facts of life, folklore & legend. Annabel is also the founder and director of the award winning creative company Cut ltd

Wanja Kimani
Born in Kenya and based in Ethiopia, the work of artist Wanja Kimani evolves around personal topics and migration experiences; the constant feeling of being between houses and the desire for familiarity. His works deal with issues such as cultural affiliation, identity, separation and commemoration. Through various media, she weaves visual stories, reflecting personal considerations of home-grown ideas and displacement, memories and imagination, both profound, melancholy and awakened by thought.

For more information please visit Electric Fence website