Our mission

We are committed to providing students with a structured English learning program so that each student can reach their full potential in a stimulating, rewarding and safe environment.

Our approach

We believe that students learn more effectively when they are engaged, motivated and challenged. We recognize that each student learns and develops at different rates so that our courses respect each student’s stage of development. Our teachers use a range of age-appropriate techniques and resources to ensure the most effective language learning experience.

We expect our students to play an active role in their own learning and reflect on their progress. Our approach covers all aspects of communication with a focus on developing speech confidence to provide students with the English they will need for their future academic studies, employment and social situations.

Students on our young learners courses:

  • cover all aspects of communication – reading,listening, writing, speaking
  • build on their current knowledge of English
  • participate in a variety of activities such as interviews, surveys, role plays, presentations and book reviews to facilitate and develop rich and effective use of English;
  • develop study skills such as learning organization and monitoring, note taking, memorization, time management and effective reading
  • use materials such as textbooks, videos, ICT and other authentic materials 
  • work with the entire class, in teams of two or in groups or individually to vary and maximize opportunities for interaction and trust building.

What will my child learn?

Depending on their level, students in a typical course learn to give instructions, fill out an application form, order food at a restaurant and listen to the news. They will use English to study interesting and relevant topics, such as social media and sport.