Learners engaged in conversation

Real conversation. Real improvement.

This course is designed especially for students who have studied English in the past but need an opportunity to increase their fluency and confidence. It is an opportunity to practice and develop speaking, listening and pronunciation skills in a range of realistic, social, academic and professional situations such as discussions and presentations. These courses are available for students with Pre-Intermediate (A2) and Intermediate (B1) levels of English.

On this course, your fluency is more important than accuracy.  This means your teacher wants you to speak confidently and without hesitating, even if your grammar is not very good or you do not know the exact word for what you want to say.  This course will not focus on writing skills or grammar and your teacher will only correct your grammar after you have finished a speaking activity.

The course will help you develop your confidence with spoken English by:

  • giving you a lot of opportunities for speaking
  • giving you opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities, for example, tasks, role-plays, discussions and presentations
  • teaching you useful expressions for specific communication situations
  • increasing your vocabulary on a range of topics
  • helping you with your pronunciation problems
  • giving you feedback to improve your performance in speaking activities

 Intensive afternoon and evening classes are now available. 

Course information

  • Levels

    Pre-intermediate (A2) and intermediate (B1)

  • Course format

    20 hours over 8 weeks.

    Maximum 18 students in each class. 

  • Course locations

  • Price

    70,000 CFA

Dakar Teaching Centre
Class Timetables

Classes are 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Level Day Time Start date
Pre-Intermediate /Intermediate  Friday 15.30 - 18.00 or 18.30 - 21.00 Friday 2 April to 27 May
Pre-Intermediate  Saturday 9,00 - 11.30 Saturday 9 April to 28 May

Please note that exact class timetables will be confirmed upon registration.

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