An English lesson in a workplace

How can we help you transform your organisation?

In today’s global market place English is a driver for business success. But is your company fully prepared to do business in the world’s business language? If not, you may be losing out to your competitors.

The same is true for international organisations. How well are you telling your story? Ensuring that your staff is able to communicate effectively internally as well as with external stakeholders is key to achieving your organisation’s mission.

We are the world’s English experts and the specialists of British English in Senegal. We can provide you and your employees with the English language skills that will help you operate more effectively in today’s fast-paced global economy. 

Our corporate services team can provide you with highly customised and practical training programmes that meet your exact requirements.

How do we address your specific needs?

We design and customise every course to your individual needs and the needs of your staff. The content of our courses is practical and focuses on the situations that are related to everyday working life.

We tailor our courses to meet your needs. Some of the skills and topics that have been delivered in Senegal include: 

  • building effective relationships
  • getting the most out of teleconferencing
  • successful business travel
  • handling phone calls professionally
  • making an impact in your presentations
  • writing effective reports
  • networking and socialising effectively
  • negotiating successfully
  • having productive meetings.

We attach importance to learning through communicating and interacting with other colleagues and the teacher. For this reason, a lot of oral activities are used in class. However, all four of the language skills, reading, writing, speaking and listening, are taught and practised

How do we customise our courses to your needs?

We can develop specific content for your sector. Some examples of English for specific purposes courses that have been developed and delivered include:

  • English for banking and finance
  • English for information technology specialists
  • English for the tourism industry
  • English for the construction industry
  • English for shipping
  • English for the health and social welfare sector.

To find out more about our courses for organisations please contact us.