Mamy Tall

We are looking for young Senegalese creatives to take part in the space Between project at the end of March in Dakar.

The Space Between is a four day learning and collaboration experience which will take place from the 30 March - 3 April 2020.

During that scoping week, five creative entrepreneurs/artists from Dakar will collectively map the spaces, initiatives and people that make up the creative ecosystem in their city. The selected participants will be joined by an interdisciplinary group of Senegalese and UK facilitators. Together, facilitators and participants will develop a piece of living research on the Dakar creative ecosystem, in an exploratory and creative way. The types of activities that will take place during the week include: visits to different spaces in the city, facilitated work sessions, group lunches/dinners, mixer event. 

The outputs of this session will be launched/showcased at the Dakar Biennale in May 2020 and shared with local stakeholders.

Following the current situation caused by the Coronavirus and the measures taken by the government of Senegal, the SPACE BETWEEN project has been postponed to a later date.