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British Council

Our British Council arts teams in SSA and the U.K. continually build their insight, expertise and first-hand knowledge of their contemporary art sectors in order to offer art making and mobility grants. At time of print, the live opportunities available for the Connections Programme are: 

  • new Art new Audiences: An annual open call for artists across SSA and the U.K. to make new art, and to share this art with international audiences. Applications for 2019 are now closed.
  • _in Motion: travel grants for SSA and UK artists to research and engage with each other’s art sectors, festivals, and creative communities - and to share their journeys with others.
  • Festivals: Festivals are vibrant artistic platforms. They are meeting points, and a hive of activity for people to network, share skills, exchange ideas, and share each other’s art with wide and varied audiences


We continually explore the art sectors in which we work, so that we can share knowledge with others and inspire new connections and imaginings between SSA and the U.K. We do this through storytelling projects such as the People’s Stories Project, and by being actively available to create new connections and respond to enquiries on our programmes.