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The essence of the Creative Enterprise Programme is a three-day capacity building workshop that helps creative and social entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses.

The workshop is offered through the learning-by-doing method: participants carry out the workshop exercises with their company in focus. Interactive exercises, peer-led activities, external stakeholders and reflection times are just some of the activities designed to create a positive learning environment.

The workshop is led by a facilitator from the Creative Enterprise Programme (itself a full-fledged creative entrepreneur), which creates a safe space for learning and feedback.

The Creative Enterprise Programme is designed for creative or social entrepreneurs whose companies are in the very early stages of creation (0 to 2 years):

·         Entrepreneurs who have already started their business

·         Entrepreneurs whose business is being launched

·         Entrepreneurs about to start their business with a very well-developed idea

The Creative Enterprise Programme is intended for entrepreneurs in creative industries: advertising and marketing; architecture; crafts; creative centers; design (product, graphic, interior, etc.); digital media and video games; fashion; cinema, television and radio; museums, galleries and libraries; music; performing arts; publishing and literature; visual arts and photography.

For this new session, we are looking for 25 entrepreneurs or project holders to participate in the Creative Enterprise Programme training organized from 01 to 03 October 2019 in Dakar at SUP'IMAX.

Ready to boost your business or your project? do not hesitate to apply before 18 September 2019 at midnight!